ABC Mini Storage tells KHQ they are deferring payments until a deal has been reached for those who are going without a paycheck during the ongoing battle between President Trump and Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over funding for a wall along the southern border "The community has been very good to them. So this would be the best way to help out our federal workers," said Senior Manager of ABC Mini Storage Sherry Wolfe.

According to Sherry Wolfe nearly 20% of their customers who use their facility either work in the military or are government employees "I've had two people as of yesterday that have taken up our offer. They were very happy you know very appreciative. "

According to employment data, there are about six thousand federal workers living and working in the inland northwest. Not all of them are impacted by this partial shutdown, but hundreds are. ABC Mini Storage isn't alone several other companies including Avista are also helping out those furloughed workers.

Avista says they will work with furloughed federal employees to establish payment plans in cases of financial hardship sherry tells me ABC Mini Storage, and these other companies are just doing the right thing "We're not doing this to be thanked we're doing this because it's our way to give back," added Wolfe.

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