Bus Stop Crash

Meredith Smith was on her way to work when she witnessed the driver of the minivan crash into a bus stop on Wellesley right next to the Nevada Lidgerwood Cop Shop.

"I just saw her the gal in this car come smashing through the intersection not going on her brake at all," described Meredith Smith.

Smith says it's something she had never seen before.

"There was glass everywhere. It exploded."

According to Smith the driver just kept driving straight knocking down street signs that's when Meredith had a scare of her own.

"She was all over the road, over the median, and then it looked like she was headed straight towards me full speed and then she turned on to Lidgerwood."

Once the driver turned witnesses followed the driver to a house just a few blocks away and called the police. The driver was arrested for hit and run and for DUI.

The damage wasn't just limited to the bus stop. The crash caused a gas leak after the gas meter from the house next to the stop was knocked off during the chaotic crash. Thankfully for Meredith, she was just shaken up.

"She was going so fast. I mean she could've killed somebody."

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