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SPOKANE - A Health Education Agency, Kids Health, says 75% of child abductions are by someone the child already know. Tuesday's case from the Spokane Valley, authorities say it was the child's own father.

The YWCA says there's steps parents can take with their kids tonight to prepare themselves for worst case scenarios, because remembering what your kids was wearing, or having pictures of them, sometimes isn't enough.

Deputies say Justin Robertson stabbed his estranged wife multiple times, and then abducted their five-year-old son. The YWCA says when something traumatic is happening, you can forget what your kid was wearing. Having front facing pictures of your kids on your phone is essential, especially when they get a new haircut or braces.

"If there's any specific identifying things about your child, maybe they have a birthmark that's noticeable, making sure you have specific photos that display that will make it easier to identify the child," Morgan Colburn, YWCA's Director of Counseling Advocacy and Outreach, said.

Send those pictures to your trusted neighbors or family members, because like in this case, where the boy's mother had been stabbed, you'll want to make sure someone else has up-to-date pictures, if you can't get to your phone.

The YWCA says if you have a protection order, custody documents, or even your kid’s immunization records, make sure your neighbors or family have copies of them.

Finally, if there is someone in your life that feels like a threat to you or you kids, keep their picture on your phone, and show it to your kids teacher and neighbors. Give them copies if you can.

The YWCA also offers safety planning where you can come in and create a plan with their staff and talk about worst-case scenarios, that way your kids are ready to take action too.

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