In search of bigger stages: local musician says Spokane is running out of venues

Spokane singer Jennifer Kemple got her start on stage at Bluz at the Bend, performing for crowds every night. But now, Jennifer is singing for an empty bar. Kemple says  Bluz at the Bend tried to stay afloat through the recession, but like many other Spokane venues, couldn't quite keep their head above water during the tough times. Which means she lost her weekly audience; a major blow to the Spokane music star.

“Spokane's running out of venues,” Kemple said. “And that a really big problem for me.”

However, Kemple isn't the type of woman to let a set back stop her.

She's turning that adversity into opportunity, and going in search of bigger stages. Jennifer has had plenty of practice turning rough times into chances for her to shine. The single mother of two worked odd jobs to support her sons, and she says it is everything she's been through that gives her music so much soul.

Now, she's just waiting for her big break, and hoping to be signed to the label Strange Music. But whatever happens, Jennifer says she relies on her faith, and her fans here at home, to carry her through.

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