Indiana woman wants to be buried with dog

DEARBORN COUNTY, IN - A controversial issue is brewing in Indiana involving a dog and its recently deceased owner. 

Before she died, Connie Lay wrote in her last will and testament that her dog should be buried with her, or sent to an animal shelter in Utah. 

For now, Bela is being boarded at Paws of Dearborn County. The dog was found with the Lay's body after the woman died last month. 

Volunteers say Bela is a smart well-trained sweet dog who deserves a home, and many have offered to adopt the German Shepard. The hashtag #saveBela is also showing up Twitter. 

Legal analysts say the option of putting Bela down to later be buried with Lay's body isn't illegal, since animals are considered property. But that also conflicts with rules that have to treat animals humanely. 

The lawyer handling Lay's estate says if enough money is raised, Bela could be sent to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.

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