Spokane Police arrest two people in connection to recent carjacking and shooting

New information on an issue of police misconduct that Chief Craig Meidl called the most atrocious demeanor he'd seen by an officer in 23 years. New documents obtained by KHQ  are adding more details to what happened after the body camera footage was made available in February.

The officer responsible, Christopher McMurtrey, was taken from patrol to go through training. Shortly after, he issued an apology to his sergeant and lieutenant about the video, but now Internal Affairs is calling that apology insincere. 

In a letter, McMurtrey writes, "I would like to formally apologize to my superior officers for my conduct, my actions were out of character and I make no excuse for them, nor will I make any attempt to marginalize their potential impact."

He goes on to say, "To be blunt, I wish to take my lumps and move on, recognizing that I may face department punishment. I will take steps in the future to ensure this does not happen again."

However, in reports we obtained through a public records request, Internal Affairs points out that McMurtrey is a use of force instructor, adding that during the ride he was blasting music, and using inappropriate language. In all, calling his demeanor "inappropriate" and "clearly rising to the level of conduct unbecoming."

The reports adds that McMurtrey has 26 use of force entries on his file since 2010. Internal Affairs has since recommended him to an early intervention program to try to retain him as a "high functioning and self-initiated officer."

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