Ireland school catches another 'ghost' on camera and it will totally creep you out

You may remember last month when a school in Ireland claimed they caught a ghost on camera in a hallway of the school after hours. Well, now they're saying it's happened again!

The first video thrust the school, Deerpark CBS into an international spotlight as people all over the world felt a little spooked by lockers randomly shaking with doors flying open.

This new video opens with a loud slamming noise and then shows two stacked shares eerily separating, with one being lifted into the air, before being dropped back down on the floor. Then, a duffel bag flies off from where it's resting on top of the lockers and almost immediately after, a poster secured to the wall is ripped off and thrown on the floor. Finally, the video ends with a plastic chair creepily sliding across the floor.

Watch the video and let us know if you think it's a ghost or simply a really great prank.


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