SHOSHONE COUNTY, Idaho - Idaho State Police arrested a drug trafficking suspect in Shoshone County driving on I-90 with two juveniles in the car.

A traffic stop was conducted on Tuesday after a trooper saw a car commit an infraction on I-90 near milepost 46 in Shoshone County. 

During the stop, the trooper saw four people inside the car including the driver, 59-year-old Jorge Gonzalez-Vergel, an unidentified woman and two juveniles, ages 2 and 1.

According to police, the trooper saw signs of physical trauma on the woman's face and signs of multiple injuries on the 2 year old.

Further investigation revealed methamphetamine, marijuana and paraphernalia in the car.

The 2-year-old was taken to Sacred Heart Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with life-threatening injuries, including brain injuries. The child had numerous visible marks and scars, which were indications of severe child abuse.

In a tweet Thursday night, Idaho State Police said the child is still weak but has had significant positive progress and has been able to play with toys Idaho State Police employees donated.

Doctors tell Idaho State Police that the trooper who stopped the car and looked beyond the traffic stop should be credited with saving the child's life.

An investigation into the physical abuse is being conducted. Currently, Gonzalez-Vergel is not a suspect in the child abuse case, according to police. 

Gonzalez-Vergel was arrested and booked into the Shoshone County Jail for trafficking methamphetamine and felon in possession of a firearm.