Democrats are telling the Washington GOP and House of Republicans "it is past time to do something about Matt Shea," requesting the Spokane Valley Republican Representative be expelled. 

In an open letter, Washington State Democrats say Shea has "crossed the decency line for most Washingtonians years ago with his unethical and vocal support for dangerous right-wing militias, anti-LGBTQ, and racist groups." 

After new info came out over the weekend accusing Shea of running surveillance on political activists and offering to run background checks on specific individuals in Spokane, Dems believe he has "crossed the line." 

The letter documents several of Shea's ideologies and personal actions, which Dems found to be extremely dangerous and disturbing. 

KHQ has learned Shea is moving out of his district office in Spokane Valley, but that decision was made prior to this past weekend's developments and it is currently unknown where the district office will be relocated to.

A statement at the end of the letter read: "We are joining WA Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib in calling for the State House Republican Caucus to completely oust Shea, protecting important state policy matters from his influence. We also call on the State Republican Party to formally condemn and sanction Representative Shea. To do anything less is to condone and support the cancerous growth of extremism within your own ranks." 

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee issued the following statement regarding Shea: 

“There is no place for hate in Washington state, especially in Washington’s Legislature. Rep. Matt Shea’s history of hate has now crossed a new line. He participated in conversations that advocated for violence against those with dissenting opinions. He is actively conspiring with others to surveil and target political activists.

“Rep. Shea embodies a strain of extreme ideology that, throughout the decades and into the present, has caused deep harm to people and families. I strongly condemn both his rhetoric and his behavior.”