SPOKANE Valley, Wash. -- To so many of us, our pets are our family. We love them fiercely. When they pass, we cling to anything we have left for them.

Randy Brown of Valley Self Storage is an animal lover himself. That's why when he stumbled upon lost or possibly forgotten ashes of a pup named Abby, it bothered him.

"We have an archive at Valley Self Storage, I was in there organizing boxes and a box tumbled," he said. "Wrapped in a rug came Abby. It's almost as if she wanted someone to find her."

The discovery came two years ago. It included a photo of Abby. Her remains were in a box labeled "FOREVER IN MY HEART." The box states Abby was born February 27, 2003 and passed away October 1, 2012. The name of the owner listed is Judie Lambert. Her collar and tags were also wrapped up. They did have some phone numbers.

"I tried them, yeah," Randy said. "They were all disconnected."

Randy says they have tried to search for Judie Lambert on social media, but found nothing. He says while it's been discouraging, they'll never give up.

"I feel like we need to find her home, if we can," he said. "I have tried everything we could. We haven't been able to locate anybody."

They did find the company who cremated Abby. Randy said he was told their records did not date back to 2012. He told KHQ he thinks our "Help Me Hayley" is his best bet to get some closure on this.

"We all kind of come to love Abby," he said. "She's like our mascot."

If you have any information that could help Randy get Abby back into hands who once loved her, please shoot Hayley an email at hayley@khq.com.

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