'It's like getting sucker punched': Thief ransacks Colbert Trading Co.

The owner of the Colbert Trading Co. shop and restaurant is hoping someone will recognize the man caught on surveillance camera ransacking the business and making off with a safe using tools he found inside. Unfortunately for him, he was anything but camera shy.

Owner Ron Jensen got in early Tuesday morning to open the shop, and immediately knew something was wrong.

Someone had broken in overnight and surveillance video shows that person damaging the store and making off with a safe hidden under a cabinet.

"It's not a lot of money, but it's just the idea of it," Jensen said. "It's like getting sucker punched."

Jensen called the sheriff's office, then checked surveillance cameras and saw the thief break in and spend the next hour inside his shop before finally taking whatever he could grab and leaving out the back door. 

"The ironic thing about it is we had a short night last night, so they're only going to get about $100. It's more of a pain in the rear to me, just to replace everything. 

Jensen says that in the six years that the Colbert Trading Co. has been open, he's never had anything like this happen. He now plans on beefing up security to make sure it doesn't again.

"It's hard just to stay afloat," Jensen said. "When you work your tail off to get to a certain point and somebody comes in and just wants to take it from you it makes you want to find them."

Now Jensen has a message for the thief.

"Come say hello, man. Would love to meet you. Come on down."

If you have any information about what happened, you're asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.

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