STEVENS PASS - Following the now viral sighting of "Bigfoot" near Sherman Pass this week, KHQ was contacted by a man who says he's actually seen Bigfoot in that area. Not just Bigfoot, but BigFEET. Three of them, he says.

This may sound like a joke, but Gary (he wasn't comfortable using his last name) said he's very serious. Gary worked in the Sherman Pass/Inchelium area building logging roads. He and his crew spent six days a week up there, and a lot of times it was just them. Or rather, it wasn’t just them. Gary said they often heard otherworldly screaming, "stick pounding and when we worked the hoot-owl shift we heard and saw a lot more."

Gary said he had at least one face-to-face meeting with a Bigfoot. "It was a female I think," he told us. "Nine feet tall, a thousand pounds, completely black. It walked across a 20 foot wide road in three strides."

Gary said he reported the sightings, and ultimately the BIA installed motion sensor cameras in the area he was working. He said he's sure they've caught something on them, but hasn't seen any of the evidence. He tells us he was asked to destroy any evidence he had, because he was told the area doesn't need tourists visiting.

Gary said he felt compelled to contact us after seeing that viral post. The pictures of “Bigfoot”, from a WSDOT camera, has been one of our most popular Facebook posts all week, reaching nearly 200,000 people with 35,000 engagements. The comments range from those questioning the veracity of the pictures, to those questioning why no one has found a Bigfoot carcass, to one person who said, "that's not Bigfoot, it's Mike Leach."

So the question is: Gary believes, do you?