SPOKANE, Wash. -- Many local McDonald's restaurants have had donations intended for the Ronald McDonald House of Charities stolen in recent weeks. The owner and his management believe the same suspect is responsible for multiple thefts.

"We've got him on camera," said franchise owner, Mark Ray Jr. "His car is very particular."

Mark has been passionate about supporting the RMHC for years. It's in his blood. His father, Mark Ray Sr., is a founder of the Spokane RMHC.

He knows how important it is for the house to get public support and donations. That's why he takes great pride in seeing McDonald's customers so graciously give. He says it's nothing short of heartbreaking to see someone try to ruin those good deeds.

"We know it's the same guy," he said. "We have cameras at all the restaurants that are very clear."

Videos from those cameras show the suspect been making the rounds at multiple McDonald's restaurants. Despite the red location bins you have problem seen in the drive-through being very secure, the suspect continues to find a way to dismantle them and steal.

"They are regularly collected, so he's not getting much," Ray said. "I want people to know, it is safe to donate."

And since all of this started happening, they have been even more protective over your donations. He just hopes the suspect realize; it isn't the restaurant he is hurting.

"I would like him to know who he's taking from, the Ronald McDonald House" he said. "They are the ones who need the money the most. It's not our money. He's taking from these families."

The videos are clear and staff are hopeful an arrest will come before one more dime winds up in the wrong hands.

"It hurts to see it," he said. "It does. It hurts."

If you know anything about the theft, please call crime check. If you don't, but were touched by this story, you can donate or volunteer with the RMHC. You can also round up any order you have at McDonalds paid for with a card to help support the house.