SPOKANE, Wash - The Spokane Arena is set to be one of four mass vaccination clinics in Washington State. 

"We hope to have those up sometime next week." the Governor said during a announcement last week. 

Inslee said the National Guard will be on hand to help coordinate the effort.

However, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is hoping for something else, more clarification about what exactly is going on. 

"I have National Guard in the county ready to help with the effort but we still don't have any clear guidance from anybody from what that effort is really going to be." Sheriff Kenezovich told KHQ. "This is a disaster. I've never seen a worse coordinated effort in 31 years in law enforcement"

Mayor Nadine Woodward is also waiting for information. 

"I wasn't alerted. the Health District had very little information. the arena didn't know about it either, but we're working out those details right now." the Mayor told KHQ. 

Things are moving "by the hour" according to a spokesperson with CHAS, who is working with the Spokane Regional Health District to open up the mass vaccination clinic by Monday. 

But even Health District Board members aren't sure how many vaccines the will have to give out. 

"I think the concern I have: Is there going to be enough vaccines?" Board member Mary Kuney said to KHQ. 

"We actually set up a false expectation with our community and we're not able to deliver what we're told we're going to be delivering." Sheriff Knezovioch said. " Again, we don't event know how many vaccinations are coming this way." 

KHQ reached out to the Governor's office to ask how many doses of COVID-19 vaccines Spokane can expect. A spokesperson told us that those answers will have to come from the state Health Department. However, in a statement to the Spokesman-Review, that same spokesperson said, "it was very important to (Gov. Inslee) that we get the infrastructure in place to scale up and open up as much capability as possible, so the state is fully prepared and the doses can be administered to as many people as possible when they arrive."

The idea is that whenever the vaccines arrive, Spokane County will be ready. Others are grateful that this is happening at all. 

Mayor Woodward said, "with these mass vaccination sites, that will be a game changer. We're going to get on the other side of this pandemic when we get more vaccines into the arms of our residents."