Jay-Z reportedly spent over $91,000 at one bar in one night

KHQ.COM - When you party with Jay-Z, just make sure you don't get stuck with the bill. 

During a night out in Manhattan, he reportedly racked up a tab totaling $91,135 (tip included) at one bar! How much of that was a tip?  $11,100! Which means his server Dayhana is probably the most grateful the rapper chose to celebrate at the Playroom Lounge in NYC. 

A picture of the bill was posted on social media and shows Jay-Z ordered 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne. However, it's a puzzling amount of alcohol when you consider his bill also says he was only dining with 6 guests. 

It's important to note Jay-Z owns Ace of Spades Champagne... a fact many were quick to point out. One man even took to Twitter to point out the bottles of champagne can be purchased elsewhere for $300 - $450 per bottle which means Jay-Z paid more than a 400% markup on his own brand!


The publicity stunt did not go unnoticed.

And some are calling Jay-Z out for not tipping enough. Tipping $11,100 on an $80,035 bill is not even a 14% tip. 


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