Spokane Police: 3rd Suspect Wanted In 2007 Murder

SPOKANE, Wash. - Despite a showing of support from family and friends to release Marcus Anderson from jail while he awaited trial on first degree murder charges, a judge ruled to keep Anderson behind bars.

Police recently charged Anderson, 20, with murder in connection to a 2007 gang-related drive-by shooting. On November 12, 2007 Daniel Burgess was shot and killed while inside a home at 2413 North Dakota Street. Eight adults and one 13-year-old girl were inside the home when someone fired several rounds through a front window. The bullet shattered a front window of the home and hit Burgess in the chest. He was the only person hit.

After months of investigating, the case went cold.

Last month, Spokane Police Major Crimes detectives caught a break - thanks to a confidential jailhouse informant - and found probable cause to arrest three people including Anderson. Derrick Martin-Armstead, 20, and Jaleesa Anderson, 22 were also arrested and charged with murder.

On Thursday, Anderson appeared before a Spokane County Superior Court for a bail reduction hearing. His bail was set at $250,000. Several people showed up in support of Anderson including his parents, Mark and Rose, his brother-in-law, and girlfriend. Rose addressed the court in hopes of bringing her son home while he awaited trial.

"I just wanted to say that he's a very respectable young man, he's very polite," Rose Anderson said. "He's been a good child."

If released, Rose told the court that her son would stay at home to help her with her medical problems. She also told the judge that Anderson would follow all court rules.

"He's not a person that runs the streets," she continued. "He stays home most of the time with me anyway when he's not at home."

Considering the seriousness of the charges, Superior Court Judge Jerome Leveque ruled to keep Anderson in jail.

"It's the classic Jekyll and Hyde concerns,"Judge Leveque said. "As much as I am impressed by those who have come forward to be here, the harsh reality is, he's now in a system of extremely serious charges of violence and murder."

The judge did reduce Anderson's bond to $50,000.

According to an Affidavit of Facts, on October 10, 2007 Jaleesa Anderson and Jacqueline Anderson went to the intersection of Perry and Dalton to buy five ounces of marijuana for $1,500 from Kelly Johnston and Matthew Estes. Police allege, once Johnston and Estes presented the marijuana Jaleesa grabbed it and ran to a home on 1317 E. Dalton.

A month later, as retaliation for the stolen marijuana, someone threw a wrench into Martin-Armstead's living room window at his home on East Dalton. The wrench damaged the window and a large screen television just inside the living room. According to police, that was motivation for the drive-by shooting that killed Burgess.

In the document, Martin-Armstead admits to Spokane investigators as being a member of a gang and said that the homicide occurred because "Kelly threw a wrench threw the window." Martin-Armstead went on to say that, "no one was going to disrespect them by throwing a wrench through their window."

He also told detectives "The three of us knew there was going to be a shooting."

According to the Affidavit of Facts, Martin-Armstead and his crew got into Anderson's mom's car and drove over to the house, on North Dakota, where they believed the people who threw the wrench lived. According to a confidential source who spoke to Spokane Police on terms of anonymity, he said Martin-Armstead's cousin got out of the car and shot a .22 revolver at the house several times.

Martin-Armstead's cousin then got back in the car and the crew drove away, according to police.

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