Jury: Hospital not liable in football player's paralysis

(AP) - A Cascade County jury determined Benefis Health System in Great Falls is not liable for the brain injury a Belt High School student suffered in a 2014 football game.


Robert Back had suffered a concussion a week earlier and had been told not to play until he was cleared by a doctor.


Back's parents argued a trainer employed by Benefis had "cleared" him to play, but school officials said the family did not pass on the doctor's note.


Back's family was seeking millions of dollars in damages to pay for his ongoing medical care.


The brain injury left Back nearly paralyzed and unable to speak. He appeared in court during the trial, showing jurors he could lift one leg.


The jury reached its verdict Wednesday after a 13-day trial.




This story has been corrected to show the verdict was reached on Wednesday.

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3/22/2018 11:22:33 AM (GMT -7:00)

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