KCSO Deputy goes above and beyond to crack down on distracted driving, DUIs

This week's Hometown Hero was a no brainer.

Kootenai County Sheriffs Deputy Joshua Leyk, who was just awarded deputy of the year.

"I wasn't expecting it," said Deputy Leyk. "Any one of the fellow deputies would be just as deserving."  

All of them deserving indeed. But for Leyk, it is his service that has stood out.

He is a drug recognition expert and is the agency's highest producer of DUI arrests.

"Two, three o'clock in the morning I am there to assist not only on alcohol but drug related imparedness in addition to all the extra patrol we do," said Deputy Leyk.

If that's not enough, Deputy Leyk works with youth. His main focus is distracted driving in a program called alive at Twenty Five.

"I think that our young people are our future, teachers and and doctors, and to start there with the youth... start there," said Deputy Leyk. "That's how we reduce the numbers as far as traffic fatalities and serious injuries is that we start with our young folks first." 

To Deputy Leyk, we congratulate him on being deputy of the year for Kootenai County and just ask you keep up the great work in the community.  

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