A Spokane mother is calling for a full investigation after a police officer got physical with her son, in a confrontation caught on camera.

That mother, Dianna Tann, says she called police Monday night, 24 hours after riots took over the streets of Spokane, because she was worried a dispute at her oldest son's apartment complex involving a downstairs neighbor was about to become violent.

Tann was accompanied by her younger son, Xavier Mitchell, who began recording the police officers on the scene as they were interviewing the participants from the fight in the apartment.

“He walked around and got everybody's badge number,” Tann told KHQ in an exclusive interview. “Nobody had a problem with it."

But then, as an officer walks to the sidewalk, you hear Mitchell saying, "look at this little punk a** b**** right here. He's a punk b****."

The officer then turns to Mitchell and says, "who are you man?" and Mitchell says "don't worry about it." The officer then approaches Mitchell and says, "ok, turn around," and Mitchell again says "don't worry about it." The officer repeats his request to turn around again and Mitchell again tells the officer not to worry about it and it appears that Mitchell is moving away from the officer and the camera starts to get bumped around. The officer makes a final request for Mitchell to turn around and Mitchell now shouts, "don't f***** touch me bro," and then the scene becomes chaotic.

Mitchell yells "don't f****** touch me bro, what are you doing, what are you all doing?! I didn't do s***. I didn't do s***."

"I can see if my son was committing a crime and they needed to arrest him,” Tann said, “but he didn't commit anything besides pulling out his video camera and one officer that did not like that, it was a wrap.”

As the video becomes a blur of motion, you can hear Tann off-camera frantically pleading with police and her son to stop. She then tells Xavier to let the officer take him into custody before he gets hurt.

Mitchell was placed in a police cruiser then released. He was ultimately issued a $1,000 citation for Obstruction with Justice.

His mother says she shared the video and filed a complaint with the Office of the Police Ombudsman. She wants the officer involved to be held accountable for their actions: "He either needs to be retrained, some type of consequence needs to happen, but it can't go with nothing happening, or it's going to continue all the time."

Tann also said there was another Spokane Police officer present during the incident, whom she highly praised.

"He did everything he was supposed to do as an officer and delivered it in a very proper, friendly way to where he would be the one I'd want to come back to help me again."

Spokane Police say they are collecting more information and will comment when they have all the facts. KHQ has requested body camera footage from the officers who were at that scene. KHQ has also reached out to other city leaders and are waiting to hear back from them.

Monday night, the same night this happened, the Spokane City Council voted unanimously on a resolution that would give more training to Spokane Police Officers, focusing specifically on racial issues and de-escalation strategies.