KHQ EXCLUSIVE: Mother Of Victim In Ryan Murphy Case: 'Justice Was Not Served'

It’s been two months since a former Shadle Park High School teacher and coach accepted a plea deal in a Spokane courtroom, pleading guilty to third-degree assault rather than sexual misconduct with a minor.

But now, the mother of one of the victims in the case tells KHQ’s Kelsey Watts justice was never served.

As part of the plea deal, Ryan Murphy was sentenced to 90 days in jail, but he was released for electronic home monitoring after roughly 30 days – and even that is set to end this Friday.

The mother, who asked to remain anonymous because of the repercussions the family is still facing, said the family never knew a plea deal had been reached and that there were major legal errors made in the case. She said the relationship Murphy had with her daughter – who was 14 when it began – has shattered their family in ways they are still dealing with today.

“[My daughter] got to the point of saying, ‘I can’t get out of this, I’m trapped,’” the mother recalled.

Her daughter was a student at Shadle Park between 2009-2012. Murphy was her English teacher and track coach, and court records show over the course of several years Murphy developed a sexual relationship with the girl, telling her his feelings, taking her to remote locations and sending her nearly 20,000 text messages.

“Her life has been derailed, things are still coming out, that’s all her high school years," she added.

On December 9th, families on both sides appeared in a Spokane courtroom where the daughter, now 20, spoke about her experience.

“You live for your kids, it would have been easier if it were me up there,” her mother said. “It just takes everything out of you."

They are speaking out now because they want the public to know, while the court system in Spokane may consider the case closed, their family doesn’t. They’re not pursuing legal action against the prosecutor in the case.

While Murphy will not be allowed to teach again, they say that’s not enough.

“We're just appalled at having a hope that there would be justice after waiting a year, and there's nothing,” the mother added. “He’s sick, and he’s just set free and can re-offend and that’s really scary.”

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