SPOKANE, Wash. - A church policy that's supposed to protect kids at a Catholic daycare may have been used to punish the worker who photographed the shocking way a child was being held down at nap time.

Samantha Archer was told she violated Trinity Educare's privacy policy prohibiting unauthorized pictures of students and staff. She said one child's painful recounting left her with no other choice.

"She came up to me and I asked her how her nap was, and she said 'teacher hurt my neck,'" Archer said. "I said, 'what do you mean?' She said 'teacher hurt my neck' and I said 'how?' She said, 'teacher's leg.'"

Archer revealed to KHQ that she saw this happen to other kids, too-- and she's seeing the impact on their lives.

"It's happened to her so much that she demonstrates it on her friends and on dolls at playtime," Archer said. "This is how we put my babies to sleep and she'll put her leg over them and pat their back."

Archer said she tried to take this issue through the normal reporting channels, but felt her concerns weren't taken seriously. She took the picture of the staffer holding a child down with her legs--the one that has so outraged parents around Spokane and set off a state investigation--as a last resort.

"I need to be prepared in case someone doesn't believe me," Archer said.

Archer told KHQ when she took the picture to the Diocese Human Resources, she says she was told there wouldn't be repercussions for reporting what happened.

Days later, a termination letter saying she was fired for breaking the Diocese rules on privacy and using personal technology at work arrived. Archer said she doesn't believe that reasoning.

"They said it was not because of the picture, Archer said. They tried to reiterate that multiple times. It's not because I told anybody, it's because I took a picture of another staff member."

KHQ reached out to the state to ask about the progress of the investigation. They confirmed it is still active, but said more information will not be released until the investigation is closed.

The Diocese of Spokane gave us a statement saying, "A staff member who believes child abuse has occurred understands the expectation to report immediately to child protective services and to the supervisor."

Whether that supersedes Trinity's privacy policy that cost Archer her job is a question we still haven't been able to answer. The school has not yet returned KHQ's repeated requests for comment on these new allegations.