Kidnapping suspect arrested after pursuit with Idaho State Police and Shoshone Co. deputies

A Spokane Valley man is sitting in jail for allegedly kidnapping his family and taking them on a high-speed chase.

Police say Rodney Bradley made it across state lines into Idaho and nearly made it to the Montana border before police were finally able to stop him.

The call came in initially just before 11:30 and for the next hour, a wild ride ensued down Interstate 90 Eastbound.

"I had one person who was solely on the phone who could give that person his full attention and then I had one dispatcher handling the radio,” Melissa Stroh said, “she was relaying all the information that she was getting from that call-taker to all the units in the field and then the other dispatcher who was in here was passing info along to the outside agencies."

A lot of moving parts in a small amount of time; Stroh is the regional communications for the Idaho State Police.

She says keeping composed in a high-stress situation like that is something dispatchers train for.

"If you don't stay calm, then you can escalate the situation yourself, if I get excited then the caller is going to get excited and from there we're going to have a lack of communication,” Stroh said.

Thankfully, the pursuit ended with no injuries.

Bradley was taken into custody without incident, police said.

Bradley made his first court appearance Tuesday, March 13, 2018, he’s charged with one count of felony kidnapping and felony eluding officers.

Officials say Bradley told them he was going to drive the van off a cliff.

Troopers and deputies were able to stop the vehicle using spike strips.

Bradley is being held on a $250,000 bond, his next court appearance is scheduled in a few weeks.

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