SPOKANE, Wash - The man accused of killing Makayla Young in a Spokane Hotel, has pleaded guilty. 

28-year-old Anthony Fuerte entered the plea, to First Degree Murder, in a Spokane courtroom Friday morning with Young’s family in attendance. 

The plea deal prosecutors offered Fuerte would land him behind bars for about 30 years, although the Judge will have the final call on how much time behind bars he will get. 

Back on Feb. 27, 2020, Police said 24-year-old Makayla Young was brutally stabbed to death at the Rodeway Inn by Fuerte. He was found later, covered in blood, after several people called 911 to report he was trying to carjack them.

After the first plea hearing, which was continued until April 30, Makayla's sister, Emily Young, spoke to us and said her family is not happy with the plea deal.

"We are disappointed, Makayla deserves more than this, she deserves more than just a plea deal," Young said.