The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee has passed a resolution calling on the Federal Government to allow a leader of the Alt-Right in Europe, with links to the suspected gunman of a deadly terrorist attack, into the United States so he can get married. 

Martin Sellner is the co-founder of Generation Identity, which campaigns against Islam and mass immigration and has been investigated for ties to the suspected gunman in last month's mosque shootings in New Zealand that killed 50 people.

The decision by the KCRCC came after Sellner's fiance, Brittany Pettibone of Post Falls, spoke before the committee last week, saying he has faced political persecution and his ESTA visa, which temporarily allowed him in the country, was cancelled. 

“Martin has been to the U.S. four times with no issue and never caused any kind of disturbance, so it really was politically motivated,” Pettibone told the party, adding that she and Sellner now plan to get married in Austria in July.

In an email sent to the Spokesman-Review, Kootenai County GOP chairman Brent Regan said the party took up the resolution to help Pettibone because she is a constituent. He said the resolution had nothing to do with her ideology. Rather, he said, the party was concerned about freedom of political speech.

The KCRCC took the video down from Facebook and YouTube on Friday afternoon. 

KHQ asked Regan and Kootenai County's chief deputy clerk, Jennifer Locke why it was removed. They have not responded. 

We did receive comment from Kootenai County Prosecutor Barry who tells KHQ he was at the meeting, but declined to comment on the resolution.

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