Kyron Horman's Mother Has Valentine For Still-Missing Son

KAYU.COM -  PORTLAND, Ore. -- Supporters of the Kyron Horman search gathered Sunday at the Wall of Hope at noon to show their continued support for the missing child and his family.

This event, held near Skyline Elementary School, the school Kyron Horman's attended before he disappeared on June 4, 2010, comes two days before Sheriff Dan Staton is scheduled to present a six-month review of the investigation to the Multnomah County Commissioners. 

Also on Sunday, Desiree Young, the mother of Kyron Horman, released to the media a Valentine to her missing son. In it, she wrote the following:

"This holiday will be tough just as the others have.  Valentine's Day has always been our special day.  When I was growing up my Mom always bought me some sweet little memento like a heart necklace or something special that was just for me, it made me feel loved and extremely blessed.  I decided when I had kids that I would do the same.  Each year I get something special for Kyron because he's my Valentine.  I placed a Valentine for him at the Wall of Hope in hopes that he can feel my love for him, from wherever he is. I am deeply saddened that he is not here with me.


Kyron I love you very much, I miss you and I want you home.  I have a hole in my heart that will not be fixed until you come home.  I will never give up,  I will keep searching until you are in my arms again.  God is looking over you and protecting you until I get there, so be brave, I am coming.


The police and search & rescuers are still looking for you, they will not stop until you are found.  We have adopted them into our family and they feel it is a personal mission to bring you home to us and they will not stop until you are home. I know that we are getting closer every day, I dream about finding you and I know they will bring you home.


Law Enforcement continues to brief us regularly on the case, the investigation continues to march on, they will solve this case and bring Kyron home.