The Spokane Police Department is investigating a large fight in downtown Spokane early Saturday morning that tied up most of their resources and sent three people to the hospital. 

Just after 1:00 am, officers were called to a fight involving 8 people outside of bars near Sprague and Washington. The fight call was upgraded to a shooting and stabbing call, however, it was later determined that there were no shots fired. 

There was a stabbing, however, and it took 17 officers to contain the scene. 

A release from the Spokane Police Department said the incident began when a man and a woman tried to break up a fight between two women they didn't know. 

"The violence quickly expanded," the release said. "Between 5 and 10 males attacked the lone male who had originally intervened in the female fight." 

The man who tried to break up the fight went into the street and was followed by the group of men. Surrounded, the man pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the attackers. Overpowered by the group, he was disarmed, hit with a street sign and knocked to the ground and struck multiple times, according to police. 

As officers contained the scene, detained suspects and began interviewing witnesses, two unrelated additional fights broke out in the crowd. People were arrested in those incidents and a gun was taken from a man involved in those fights. 

From the original fight, two men were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. One of the men had two stab wounds, and one had a large head wound when he was struck with the street sign. A five inch spike was also stuck in his leg when he was stabbed with a hair pick. A woman was also taken to the hospital for facial injuries from the fight. 

Spokane Police say numerous people sustained injuries during the incident and fled the scene prior to officers' arrival. 

One suspect was also arrested for an unrelated felony warrant. 

Spokane Police say they are still investigating the incident.