Momo Challenge

Momo Challenge

There's a dangerous new online game, in the vein of the Tide Pod Challenge, that law enforcement, and schools, are asking parents to discuss with their kids.

It's called the Momo Challenge and is directed specifically at kids. Here's how it works: Momo contacts the kids on Social Media, most commonly Facebook or WhatsApp. She asks if they want to play a game. If the child responds, she asks them to perform various tasks and provide her with photos as proof.

These tasks are wide-ranging, but are almost always violent and always escalate. In some cases, she's told kids to commit suicide. She also threatens the kids, saying if they don't do what she says she'll visit them at night and stab them, or their families to death.

The Momo Challenge has been around since at least 2016, but after hearing from parents across the world, law enforcement and educators say they were prompted to issue a warning.

They are asking parents to discuss it with their kids, and if your children are contacted by Momo, find an adult immediately.

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