Customers frustrated after Positive Changes leaves them hanging

Days after Positive Changes locked their doors, a notice to pay rent or vacate appeared on their building and their lawyer confirmed with KHQ they have indeed filed for bankruptcy. 

The sign posted on the door on Thursday stated the company owes $10,818.60 dollars for rent from December 2016 to February 2017. 

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Later, the lawyer for the company told KHQ's Andrea Olson that bankruptcy papers had been filed. 

"I spent over $2,000. I feel like I was let down," said Positive Changes Hypnosis customer Christina Ogle.

Ogle says she's been going to Positive Changes Hypnosis since October. "I wanted to lose some weight," said Ogle. She had three months left in her program and signed a contract.

"I just think it's a shameful thing what they did to us and to the rest of the people that were going because we were counting on them to help us," said Ogle.

Just like other customers, Ogle showed up on Monday for her confirmed appointment only to find the doors closed. "I could lose all the money that I put in because I even bought CD's and the special glasses too which the glasses were almost $200," said Ogle.

Now she's one of the hundreds of creditors who had money owed to them by Positive Changes. The company lists up to a million dollars in liabilities in the bankruptcy filing. 

The worst part for Ogle? She had set up automatic payments. $95 would withdraw from her bank account at the beginning of each month. "I reported it to the BBB and kind of did my complaint through them. I had to go to the bank the following day and was there for over an hour taking care of disputing the claim for one payment. I had to close my card," said Ogle.

She's filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office too.

Now she's waiting, wondering if she will ever get her money back that was supposed to pay and create a positive change in her live.

If you have a concern, you can call the corporate office for Positive Changes: 877-POSITIVE.

You can also contact the Attorney General's Office:

Positive Changes released the following statement to KHQ on Thursday:

"Lifestyle Improvement Centers the Franchisor for Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers has learned that ET Research Inc. of Spokane Washington has filed for protection under the United States Bankruptcy Code.  The four Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers operating in the Pacific Northwest are independently owned and locally operated by ET Research Inc., headquartered in Spokane, Washington. The national franchisor cannot comment on the business decisions made by independent, local owners.  We are concerned about the impact this has on the staff and clients of ET Research.  Until further investigation we are not in a position to comment further."

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