Legendary Musician & Johnny Cash's ONLY Drummer, W.S. Holland, Talks About His Career

- With tonight, December 12th, being the opening night of the Broadway show "Million Dollar Quartet" at the INB Performing Arts Center, KHQ had a special guest stop by - a man who actually was a part of the Million Dollar Quartet. This is the guy who kept everyone on tempo, W.S. Holland, also known as "Fluke."

W.S. Holland is a legendary musician and can proudly say that he was the only drummer Johnny Cash ever had. He toured with other music legends such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Carl Perkins. He was also the first musician to ever play a full set of drums on the stage of the world famous Grand Ole Opry and he was a pioneer for Rock and Roll.

Today he is a Spokesperson for Cambria, a countertop company. He travels around with Cambria following the Broadway production of "Million Dollar Quartet," to speak with countertop distributors in those cities and treat them to the Broadway Production giving them a chance to see a great show and also spend time with a man who lived through and experienced it all.

Holland is also a very active musician today! He recently finished up a tour in Norway and continues to travel around playing at venues all over the country.

Holland wants everyone to know that if you don't go see "Million Dollar Quartet" you are truly missing out on something special. The actors and musicians in the show are incredibly talented. Holland jokingly said, when talking about how talented the cast is, he has told the guys in the show, "I tell them, boy I wish John and Carl and Elvis and Jerry Lee would have been as good as you guys then I could have played better."