Liberty State Supporters gather in Moses Lake

MOSES LAKE, Wash. Liberty State Media spokeswoman Rene Holaday wanted to set the record straight about everything from violence to religion ahead of a possible statewide ballot issue. 

Surrounded by county representatives from across Washington, Holaday or Lady Liberty as shes known in her podcasts called the idea of splitting the state in two a good idea

"A good mediator would be to find common ground for both parties that will benefit both sides equally as well. So it's important to understand it's truly a win-win situation for both the west and east side of the state," said Holaday.

But she offered little in the way of specifics about what kind of liberty residents would have in the so-called liberty state. Holaday said Liberty States Constitution was "98 percent finished" and she didn't want to violate the privacy of the unnamed authors who are writing it citing security concerns.

Holaday also avoided any direct criticism of Representative Matt Shea - who has long been the face of the movement to form the 51st state. Even as he was linked last month to a plan to establish a theocratic government in Eastern Washington run by Christians only

"We all had the displeasure of having to endure the ongoing attacks upon our representative Matt Shea. While Representative Matt Shea struck the match, Liberty state is about we the people and we're just happy that he introduced the bill on our behalf," added Holaday.

Later Holady told me one-on-one that her group wants to make everyone welcome "it's a peaceful movement. It's a legal movement, according to Article 4 Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. We also wanted to take the opportunity to invite the democrats on board because we feel that liberty state is a win-win opportunity for both sides of the state,"

To get the advisory vote on the ballot this February, they need to have at least 250,000 signatures from all 20 counties in by December 13th.