Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Magers

DAVENPORT, Wash. -- Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Magers has been charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer, making false or misleading statements to a public servant and rendering criminal assistance in the third degree according to District Court records reported by Drew Lawson of the Davenport Times

Magers is scheduled to be arraigned in Lincoln County District Court on Wednesday July 7. 

The incident occurred between Feb. 11-12, where Magers is accused of attempting to prevent DUI charges against his son, Colton Magers, after Colton was found in a sing-car rollover crash on the 11th. 

The outline of the investigative report, conducted by Washington State Patrol Detective R.T. Spangler, is detailed in the initial report by the Davenport Times

Magers is expected to appear in court on July 7 at 10:00am.