Little free pantries expand to bring food security to Spokane neighborhoods

SPOKANE, Wash. - Driving around Spokane you may have noticed little free pantries popping up because during the pandemic, they have become a vital source for people in need.

The goal of the little free pantries to make sure there is always food readily available for people who need it and at the beginning of March, six more were built and stocked to expand accessibility in Spokane.

Caritas Outreach Ministries is one organization that has worked to stock a number of food pantries around Spokane and the other ones were created by people to help out others in their neighborhood.

The little free pantries ensure there is a way for people to be helped 24/7 and can be helpful if people work or are busy during the day and can't make it to main food pantry locations.

"There's breakfast for someone right now," said Bob Walker, Caritas Outreach Ministries. "They don't need to go to the grocery store, they don't need to beg on the street corners, it's right there, right now."

Everything inside the pantries does need to be non-perishable and organizations like canned foods, rice, granola bars and even some toiletries.

The little free pantries are on a take what you need, leave what you can basis so if you have something extra to drop off or if you are in need you can check out this full list of little free pantry sites.

Right now the little free pantries are mostly located in Northwest Spokane and Northwest Harvest is looking to expand the pantry locations to meet the needs of more people. Right now Caritas is taking care of as many locations as they can so Northwest Harvest is looking to work with other organizations or neighbors to bring more little free pantries to people who need them. If you are interested in partnering with Northwest Harvest you can visit this website to learn more.