Independence Day fireworks guide: What you need to know

Legal fireworks turned out to be extremely dangerous after a fluke fireworks accident left one local boy with serious injuries.

11-year-old Jonas Bovey says he's grateful to still have his eyesight and is happy that he can still hear. "It was more just scary then pain," said Jonas.

The Fourth of July will always be burned into the Bovey families memories. "I saw it coming at me but I didn't have enough time to move away," said Jonas.

"He was holding his face and he said, 'Mommy I think I got hit,'" said Elizabeth Bovey, Jonas' mother.

Jonas was just watching fireworks being lit off at a church event nearly 30 feet away. His family was watching nearby.

"Somebody set off one of the mortar shells that you put down the tube and when it went off, we don't think it did what it was supposed to do because it was supposed to go in the air at least 50 feet and explode," said Bovey.

Instead, it malfunctioned, going three feet in the air and exploded.  "It was scary because it kind of bumped my head back when it happened," said Jonas.

It shot up his chin, creating a 4-inch deep hole. "I moved his hand away and it was all the way to the bone. I mean, you could see his bone in his jaw," said Jonas.

It didn't just leave behind that damage. The firework fell from his chin, hitting his neck, leaving burn marks. So bad, it burned holes right through his shorts. "I was terrified, I couldn't  believe that a firework would do that," said Elizabeth.

He's now patched up from the hospital, taking one day at a time. "I would just tell people to be safe around fireworks because you never know what could happen," said Jonas.

Elizabeth says they won't be watching or even lighting fireworks like that anymore. She says she'd rather be miles away instead.

The family was watching legal fireworks in Airway Heights where it was allowed on the Fourth.

Mortar fireworks are legal to use there. A University of Washington study found they are most common to fireworks-related injuries.

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