Local middle schooler needs help to get to National Spelling Bee

Kendall Foster is a 14-year-old spelling wiz. There aren't many words the Canfield Middle School 8th grader can't tackle, and he loves spelling bees. More specifically, he loves winning spelling bees. In fact, in 7th grade, he placed 50th at the National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C.

"Last year I went to the national spelling bee. I wanted to do it again but this year I messed up during the school round," Foster explained.

He thought his dreams of going back in 2016 were dashed, until his mom saw a contest online. It's a video competition, and the winners get a trip to the spelling bee in D.C. So, with a little help from his friends, and his mom, they got to filming.

"It's been positive seeing them not play video games and actually do something productive," his mom, Tricia Foster, said.  

He and his friends say making the video has been fun, and they really want to win.

"I'm just excited to go to DC with my friends...and have fun," Foster said.

To vote for Kendall and his friends go here: Spellebrity.com - http://spellebrity.spellingbee.com/engine/Details.aspx?p=V&c=215014&s=82544509&i=1&sort=#SD Voting closes at 9 p.m. Friday.

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