Airplane stolen from Sea-Tac airport by employee crashes

29-year-old Richard Russell, a ramp agent for Horizon Air, stole one of the companies aircraft and took it for a joy ride. Performing barrel roles and flips before a fatal crash on the Ketron Island.

We caught up with pilot and aviation mechanic Alex Furois. He has 11 years of flying under his belt to find out how hard it is to pilot a plane with no experience. 

"To my knowledge, it's not that easy I know starting turbine engines you have to wait for a certain internal rotational speed before you add the fuel," said Alex Furois.

Russell took the Horizon Air Q400 and flew it for 90 minutes. Two f-15 fighter jets were scrambled from Portland to intercept the stolen aircraft. Russell was talking with air traffic controllers throughout the ordeal:

ATC: "Right now he's just flying around, and he just needs some help controlling the aircraft.”

Richard Russell: "Nah, I mean I don't need that much help. I've played some video games before."

SeaTac is a big and isn't something a novice would be able to navigate on their own. 

"As far as taking off and navigating your way through SeaTac that’s a big airport. He had to know where he was going and how to get to a runway," added Furois.

Performing those stunts in that plane which carries up to 80 people is something that this aircraft isn't designed to perform.

“I thought it was incredible and terrifying at the same time. He had to have been pulling some hard forces coming out of that dive," said Furois.