Rep. Jenny Graham

2018 House Committee Assembly Week

SPOKANE, Wash. - State Representative Jenny Graham (R-Spokane) is in headlines across the country after a reporter for The Inlander said she left him a profane voicemail, following a story about Facebook conspiracies.

Reporter Daniel Walters posted the voicemail in a lengthy article about what happened. 

A woman, who Walters identifies as Graham, said, "Daniel, you lying piece of s***. You've done it. You have started it. Don't you ever call me again. Do you understand? Don't you ever- and you tell your buddies not to call me either. It's on. If you think for one minute you're going to pull this crap and you're going to walk away from it, you're nuts."

In his story, Walters wrote: "At times, when someone is unhappy with an article about them, they'll call or email me or my editor, explaining specifically what they felt was wrong about it. In the event we've made a factual error, we try to get it corrected as quickly as possible, sometimes within a few minutes. But Graham never reached out to the Inlander or to me with any specific complaints. Instead, on her Facebook page that warns that "personal attacks/profanity will not be tolerated," she launched a barrage of personal attacks against me by name."

Graham has been in the headlines before, most recently in June when Facebook flagged a post by Graham about a COVID vaccine as untrue. The post is critical of democrats and includes a picture of Dr. Fauci, featuring conflicting statements about the experimental COVID-19 treatment drug Hydroxychloroquine and a vaccine.

That story made regional headlines, and today's story is making national headlines. The Washington Post talked to Walters about the ordeal who said that the story Graham took issue with wasn't about conspiracy theories, but meant to show that local politicians in Washington are promoting inaccurate articles on Facebook.

KHQ has reached out to Rep. Graham for comment, but her phone went straight to voicemail. If we hear back, we'll update the story.