LOOK AT IT: Post Falls Moose Getting National Attention

POST FALLS, Idaho. - Early Tuesday morning an unexpected guest wondered into a neighborhood in Post Falls, Idaho and caused quite the scene.

The fully grown bull moose tore apart some small trees before getting tangled up in a large swing set near Falls Park. Neighbors say the animals antlers got caught in a plastic swing. When the moose couldn't get loose, the beast shook from side to side, ripping the swing from it's hinges and leveling the swing set.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Wildlife recommend leaving the moose alone, and waiting for it to wonder back into the wild unless it appears to threaten public safety. If the animal appears to be a danger to the public, they will then tranquilize the animal and move it back into the wild. Until then, people are asked to keep a safe distance from the moose.

They say this is actually a common occurrence this time of year. This story is even getting national attention! The story ran on the "Today Show" on Wednesday morning.

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