SPOKANE, Wash. – The Wishing Star Foundation’s 16th Annual ‘Send a Friend a Goat’ campaign is officially underway.

Like many other charities and nonprofits in our community, the pandemic has been extremely difficult on Wishing Star. Through it all, they have remained determined to continue their good work.

“COVID has really restricted us,” said Executive Director Lonna Smith.

No industry has been spared from the wrath that is the Coronavirus. But when helping those who need it most is your whole purpose, not even a pandemic can stop you.

“We serve medically fragile children,” she said. “We made sure families had all the PPE they needed, food cards, gas cards. Anything.”

And when it came to the foundation of what Wishing Star does for the most vulnerable of families, they didn't stop, they pivoted.

“We converted a lot of our travel wishes to comfort wishes,” Smith said.

Things like a backyard makeover, a game room or even a much-needed bathroom upgrade. A total of 19 of those travel wishes were canceled, or better put, reimagined. What the organization works to do is pure magic, and our community can help wave the wand.

"We always need funding,” Smith said. “Our needs have increased in our service area.”

That's why events like the ‘Send a Friend A Goat’ fundraiser are so crucial. While the in-person deliveries are all spoken for in the Spokane area, you can send still send all you want virtually.

They have a goat for absolutely everyone.

If you’re looking for the perfect mother’s day gift, perhaps a donation in your mom’s name to her favorite local charity could be just the ticket.

Wishing Star Foundation