Mad Minute stories from Monday, February 12th

MOSCOW (AP) -- Kyrgyzstan's Interior Ministry says a British citizen who made rude remarks about the country on social media is to be deported within a day.

The statement Monday on the ministry's website did not specify what Michael McFeat said, but local media reports say his offending post likened a Kyrgyz sausage called chukchuk to the genitals of a horse.

According to the ministry, McFeat's comment sparked labor unrest at the Kumitor gold mine, where he is an employee, and in the wake of the scandal he tried to leave the country but was detained at the capital's international airport.

He was taken to court, charged with insulting the national dignity and then found to be lacking necessary papers for legal residence in Kyrgyzstan, the ministry said.


CHARLESTON, WV (WSAZ/CNN) - One Pizza Hut manager delivered a special surprise for New Year's.

Brittany Henson was working hard on one of the restaurant's busiest days of the year, until she went into labor.   But she says she had no idea she was even pregnant.

Her son was the first baby born at West Virginia's CAMC Women's and Children's Hospital in 2016.

He was such a surprise, he didn't even have a name until hours after he was born.

"This will definitely be a new year that I will remember for the rest of my life. I couldn't ask for anything better. It made 2016 all the best for me, for us,"  said new dad William Alderson.

They named the baby Liam.

Mom says everything seemed normal the entire 9 months and little Liam never even moved.

Doctors say he's perfectly healthy.


Dallas, TX - A man known as the "Booty Tickler" is finally in jail. 

Police say he's been breaking into homes, and tickling people's butts while they sleep. He's had at least a dozen victims. 

Officers say many people thought he was a homeless man, but after officers arrested him, they realized he was wearing about $4,500 worth of "Yezzus" brand clothing.

Police say the people who fell victim to his antics got so scared, they started sleeping on their backs to avoid it happening again. 

Hopefully that will change now that police have arrested him. 


A raccoon in Toronto apparently just wanted some breakfast. 

The masked bandit was caught on camera stealing a doughnut from a doughnut shop. He got into the store through a hole in the ceiling, and even though there were plenty of customers around, he didn't seem to care. 

People inside reportedly cheered him on, while the owner tried to push him out with a broom. 

Witnesses say he kind of surveyed the food before deciding which doughnut he wanted. He was there for about 30 minutes and got away with three of them.

Apparently this is Canada's version of "pizza rat."


A new perfume inspired by the Russian President Vladimir Putin is on sale in Moscow, Russia.

The fragrance, called "Leaders Number One" comes in a sleek black-glass bottle, featuring a profile of the Russian leader. 

It's sold at luxury department stores in the Russian Capital or online for about $95.

The scent for men contains hints of lemon, bergamot, black currant and fir cones.

It was created by perfumer Vladislav Rekunov who said he went for "warm" and "uniting" qualities of the scent.

He said was inspired to create the scent by watching videos of the Russian president.

Most of the shoppers rejected the new fragrance when they were offered to test the perfume for free.

The makers hope a version for women will follow soon.


A strange crime has hit a small town in Illinois. Police in Kankakee say someone stole the hand off a plaster sculpture of President Abraham Lincoln, and officers have no idea who

The museum where the sculpture stands had hoped it would be a prank, and that the thief would return the hand, but that hasn't happened yet-- and it's been almost a month. 

Kankakee Police have put out a plea on Facebook that describes the hand as "approximately 'the size of a 8-10 pound ham.'"

It's reportedly worth about $5,000, but experts say they're not sure who would consider buying something like that. 

The sculpture was created by George Grey Barnard, who lived in Kankakee for some time. 


Tulsa, OK - A Tulsa man has built a real life version of the "Star Wars" droid R2-D3.

As the new and seventh "Star Wars" film surpasses "Titanic" as the second highest grossing film of all time, Jeff Barnes took his love for the series to the next level, constructing an actual R2-D3.

While the blue and white R2-D2 may be more widely known, this yellow droid was briefly seen in "The Phantom Menace."

Barnes is proud to show off his remote-controlled, chirping creation. He says it took him a year to build the 100 pound droid.

When it isn't parked in his office, Barnes takes the machine all across the country to Comic Cons and fan gatherings. 

He says he's also in the process of building a classic R2-D2 blue droid. 


A sheep that was found after being lost in the Australian wilderness for six years, has been shorn for the first time.

Australian media reported the sheep named Sheila had been lost in dense forest near Hobart in the Tasmania state since 2010.

It was rescued by a local man who found it on the side of a road, unable to move because of the amount of wool in its fleece.

"It winked at me," said Peter Jones, one of the rescuers. "Obviously it wasn't dead, so we pulled up and I tried to get it back on its feet. It was in the table drain, not a deep one, but a very narrow thing." 

John Alomes, who sheared the sheep said "The wool was very clotted, it was yellow up along her back line. So down her spine, she had a lot of vegetable matter in there, gumnuts, sticks, bark and that type of stuff, dirt even, and that's from living in the conditions she's been in."

The sheep was sheared on Monday and its wool weighed at just over 46 pounds. That fell short of the Australian fleece record, held by Chris the Sheep, whose fleece weighed in at 90 pounds last year.


A cat that was adopted from an animal shelter in Maryland apparently didn't want to leave his friend behind. 

Two senior cats, 11-year-old Mojo and 16-year-old Max came into Anne Arundel County Animal Control around the same time. 

Even though they lived in separate cages, apparently they bonded. 

Last month, a woman adopted Mojo, but she couldn't stop thinking about Max. After a few weeks, she went back to the shelter and said she just couldn't bear to keep the two apart. 

She adopted Max as well and reunited the two friends to live out their golden years together. 


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