Mad Minute stories from Monday, February 12th

BERLIN (AP) — The portable toilets kept on disappearing — and now a German company knows why.

Two men in Germany have been convicted of stealing more than 100 portable toilets. The dpa news agency reported that Duesseldorf district court delivered its verdict Tuesday, giving a 40-year-old man a 10-month suspended sentence and a 28-year-old ex-colleague six months.

Both men worked for a waste disposal company from whose premises the toilets — worth nearly 70,000 euros ($79,700) in all — gradually disappeared, a loss that was only discovered a few months later.

The men admitted having sold the toilets to a company in the Netherlands via a go-between.

Only three of the missing toilets have resurfaced. The defendants lost their jobs.


ALBANY, OR - An Oregon woman says she's alive today because her cat helped detect a lump in her breast.

Mia is a rescue cat, and has been a form of therapy for Michelle Pearson as she battles stage 2 breast cancer; A fight Pearson says she might have lost by now had Mia not done what she did back in June.

"All of a sudden out of nowhere she just got up on my chest and she sniffed that breast and then looked in my face, sniffed the spot again and looked in my face and I tried to shove her off and she came back up and just laid down on that right breast," Pearson explained. "And she looked at me like, 'I'm trying to tell you something.' "

Pearson joked that what she got was a different kind of "cat scan" or maybe a "Mia-gram."

But jokes aside, she hopes her story does two things: motivates women to get yearly mammograms, and inspires people to adopt rescue animals.


DEVILS LAKE, N.D. (AP) — Charges are pending against a 23-year-old woman who police say got into a police car and tried to drive away in northeast North Dakota.

KFGO radio reports that police responded to a fight early Sunday in Devils Lake, a city about 160 miles (257 kilometers) northwest of Fargo.

When one officer got out of a squad car to investigate, the woman allegedly jumped in, drove the car onto a curb and tried to back up onto the street.

Investigators say the officer was able to remove the woman from the vehicle.

She was arrested on charges including driving under the influence.


STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) — Police in Connecticut say an attempted robbery was foiled by the intended victim, who disarmed and took down his assailant with a move inspired by his training in lucha libre, a form of professional wrestling popularized in Mexico.

Stamford Police Sgt. Robert Shawinsky says the 57-year-old man told officers he was walking on a city street early Saturday when 43-year-old Israel Torres confronted him armed with a knife and demanded money. The Stamford Advocate reports the victim says he took a step back then decided to take down Torres with a wrestling move he had practiced.

Shawinsky says the wrestler punched Torres and pinned him to the ground until police arrived.

Shawinsky says Torres denied owning the knife and contends he was randomly attacked by the wrestler. He faces a robbery charge.


WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Police in Delaware and New Jersey say they've received multiple complaints about mysterious music from towns located along the Delaware River.

The News Journal reports that the source of the bass has not been identified, despite multiple complaints.

Delaware State Police Cpl. Michael Austin wrote in an email that his department got calls about the music on Oct. 14, 23 and 28. New Castle County police Officer Grigori Lopez Garcia says his department received similar complaints on Oct. 23, 26 and 27.

On the other side of the river, NJ Advance Media reports the New Jersey towns of Pennsville, Carneys Point and Penns Grove made dozens of calls about the music in October.

Delaware River and Bay Authority spokesman Jim Salmon says agency police aren't involved in the investigation.


TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (AP) — Police in Alabama say a man not wearing any pants fell through the roof of a Waffle House during a botched burglary and fought patrons before fleeing.

The TimesDaily reports Tuscumbia police Detective Wes Holland says 27-year-old Glenn Bost is being sought on criminal mischief and burglary charges. Another suspect hasn't been identified. Police Chief Tony Logan says the Birmingham man tried to break into the restaurant's office through the ceiling.

Logan says Bost went into a bathroom, tied the door shut with his pants and climbed into the ceiling. He says an underwear-clad Bost then fell into the dining area and fought off patrons trying to detain him. Logan says Bost then fled, leaving behind his pants that contained his driver's license.

Police say Bost may have been on drugs.


ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (AP) — A 23-year-old man was injured after breaking into an alligator farm in Florida and jumping into a pond full of crocodiles, police said.

Police officers responding to reports of vandalism early Tuesday at the Alligator Farm Zoological Park found the underwear-clad man with an injured leg crawling across a nearby yard.

Officers found two rubber Croc shoes and a pair of shorts inside the newly-opened Nile crocodile enclosure, St. Augustine police spokeswoman Cecilia Aiple told The Florida Times-Union . They also saw a bloody trail leading to the top of a nearby structure. Outside, in a neighboring yard, officers found Brandon Keith Hatfield. He was arrested, charged with vandalism and taken to a hospital where he tried to escape before getting caught in a retention pond lined with barbed wire, police said.

Hatfield told investigators he had been bitten by an alligator. They pieced together the details based on the evidence and the call reporting the suspicious man crawling in the yard.

"He ... took a jump into a pond infested with big crocodiles," Aiple said.

John Brueggen, director of the alligator farm, told the newspaper that Hatfield apparently got inside the park on Monday night and damaged the snack bar before going into the crocodile enclosure, called "Oasis on the Nile."

"He jumped off a 5- to 6-foot structure into about 2 feet of water, then climbed up on the 20-foot structure later, which we know from the blood trail," Brueggen said. "In our 125-year history, this is the first time anyone has tried to go swimming with the crocodiles."

According to the arrest report, security video showed a 9-foot (2-meter) crocodile lunging at the man who escaped to the edge of the pool. When he sits on the bank of the pool, the "crocodile locks onto his left foot."

Hatfield caused about $5,000 in damage, authorities said. He was arrested and is being held without bond. Records don't list an attorney for him.


FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Identical twins have given birth about two hours apart from each other.

The Fresno Bee reports Wednesday that BaoKou Yang went into labor first on Sunday. Shortly after, her sister BaoNhia Yang told her she was experiencing pain and "might be in labor with you."

BaoKou gave birth at 6:59 p.m. Sunday. Her sister then delivered at 8:48 p.m.

Both gave birth to daughters who almost were the same weight.

The identical twins are from a family of 14 children and say they were inseparable growing up in Fresno.

The sisters had bet on who would give first but say they never thought it would be so close, since their due dates were two days apart. They say they're excited that their babies will share a birthday just like them.


An international website that bills itself as "the world's leading free porn site" wants to help you get rid of your leaves for free this fall. Really. That's it. 

The national campaign Pornhub announced Tuesday kicks off in New York, and the website says it is partnering with Poughkeepsie-based landscaper Dutchess Lawn to remove leaves, free of charge, from residences and businesses.

Pornhub will look to expand its campaign to other cities across the country in the coming weeks, it says. Prepare to see some unusual landscaping trucks in town during this promotion; Dutchess Lawns' trucks will be Pornhub branded and its crews will be wearing Pornhub apparel on the job. 

Dutchess Lawns CEO Jay Lotaj told the Poughkeepsie Journal he was a little hesitant about a possible partnership when Pornhub approached him a few months ago.

"Then, when I realized they were providing a free service for people up here, I thought it was a good idea," Lotaj told the Journal. "Any time we (can) give back, we try to do it."

Jobs will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-service basis. Click here (trust us, this link is safe for work) to learn about how you can submit an official leaf removal request.

"While foliage can be beautiful, it can also be quite cumbersome when it falls and litters your lawn and requires you to remove it," Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said in a statement. "Sure, you can grab a rake or a blower and put a little sweat equity into the painstaking task of removing the debris yourself, but it's much easier to outsource the work to a professional who can do it in half the time."


Nov. 7 (UPI) -- A flight in Indonesia was delayed when passengers complained about the smell from a 2-ton shipment of durian, a notoriously pungent fruit.

A video posted to Facebook by reggae musician Amir Zidane shows passengers exiting Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ091 at Fatmawati Soekarno Airport in Bengkulu, Sumatra Island, after complaining about the rotting-like smell of the durian being transported on the plane to Jakarta.

Passengers refused to fly with the shipment of fruit, leading the airline to delay the flight for an hour so the durian could be unloaded.

Sriwijaya spokeswoman Retri Maya said the durian had been properly loaded into the plane.

"It's normal for every airline to carry durian during a flight as long as it is packaged properly and put inside the cargo hold in accordance with the standards and procedures," Kyodo News quoted Maya as saying in a statement.


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