SPOKANE, Wash - In a federal courtroom Tuesday the judge denied bond and release of David Colbert, Katriel Bulley and Brandon Chavez. Mercedes Reeves, also tied to the prescription drug ring, was denied release on Monday. Sally Blakely Guthrie and Jessica Clinton were released last week. Ashley Arredondo is scheduled for a bail hearing Tuesday. Arvin Carmen, Marlon Johnson, Harry Johnwell and Amber Branch waived their right to a bail hearing and asked for it to be at a later date.
Prosecutors say Mercedes Reeves, David Colbert, Katriel Bulley have "extensive" ties to Los Angeles including ties within the Eight Tray (83) Gangster Crips gang.  Prosecutors say Brandon Chavez has no known ties to the gang. The judge also asked that an evaluation be done on Chavez and proof of prescriptions be provided before considering his release. Chavez and Guthrie are the only two suspects with known extensive ties to Spokane.
Most of the federal court documents in this case remained sealed. It's unknown if any of the other suspects have any ties to the "violent" Los Angeles gang. Prosecutors said in court Tuesday, that David Colbert and Katriel Bulley were in possession of loaded fire arms when they were arrested and that Bulley has "16" documented flights from Spokane to Los Angeles for his alleged drug activity. Both Colbert and Bulley's defense attorney denied either men have any "current" involvement with the Eight Tray (83) Gangster Crips.  


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