Man arrested at domestic violence, house fire call appears in court

Wearing a yellow jumpsuit, Fabian Harper made his first appearance in Spokane County court.

Court documents say Harper threatened to Kelli Winant and her family if he went back to jail.

Police say after Harper had beat Winant, she found a gun in his gym bag and took it and his keys to a neighbor's house.

He wasn’t allowed to have a gun because of a previous domestic violence conviction and police arrested him for unlawful possession of a firearm and domestic violence assault.

As police were responding, calls came that the Winants' home was on fire.

Harper told police he didn’t know what started it.

Victim in domestic violence situation turned house fire speaks out

Morgan Colburn, the associate director for counseling and outreach with the YWCA, says getting out of an abusive relationship can be extremely difficult.

“A huge barrier for fear of leaving is safety once you leave and we do a lot of help connecting people to resources if they are ready to leave and a lot of safety planning once they are ready to leave,” Colburn said.

The YWCA offers housing, counseling, and legal help.

Colburn says reaching out can feel like a daunting task.

“Sometimes people just need to come in to get just a little bit of education to kind of open their eyes to see what they are going through,” she said.

A judge set Harper’s bond at $75,000.

Police say they’re still investigating, but more charges could be coming.

 To help the Winant family, click here.

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