Barry White

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - A man has been arrested for rape after a woman was seen running naked through Cherry Hill Park naked earlier this month.  

According to court documents obtained by KHQ, the woman told authorities she ran through the park and hid in the bathroom after fighting off the man who'd allegedly raped her. She later covered herself with a trash bag from the bathroom before finding help. 

According to the documents, Barry "Bear" White was arrested on Wednesday, May 8 after a sexual assault kit was completed on the victim and she gave her statement of the events to authorities.

Surveillance video from the surrounding area and testimony from White later corroborated the victim's story, excluding the rape, which White denies, according to the court documents.

The victim told authorities she met White while walking on Harrison Avenue on May 1 and they went out for drinks. They returned to his home near Cherry Hill Park where she says he attempted to take her clothes off, according to the documents. 

The victim told him she didn't want to have sex but he proceed to rip off her pants and take off her shirt. She said White raped her and began strangling her. She said she was able to fight him off before running out the front door naked toward the park. 

She told authorities she hid in the bathroom until daylight and wrapped herself with a garbage bag before finding a woman who gave her some clothes and let use her phone.

According to the court documents, authorities were able to confirm the victim's presence around the area of Cherry Hill Park using surveillance video and created a timeline of the incident. 

The footage also showed a man possibly placing clothes and personal items into a trash can outside of the Avista office on 15th Street. Those items were recovered and booked into evidence. 

Authorities later interviewed White and got his account of the incident. His story aligned with the victim's account, with the exception of penile penetration, which he denied. 

White admitted the victim told him to stop and left his home mostly naked. He also admitted to throwing her clothes in the garbage, according to the documents.

White was arrested for rape and forcible penetration with a foreign object violation will be added to the booking sheet as well.

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