Burglary leads to numerous arrests throughout Eastern WA

A man is accused of sending threatening messages to a doctor at the VA Clinic in Wenatchee.

According to iFIBER One News, a Veterans Affairs Administration call center reported a threat from a client against the VA Clinic located in the Olds Station area.

The client was identified by Wenatchee Police as 28-year-old Wenatchee resident Paul Taylor,

The suspect reportedly stated “If I have to fight, so be it. If I have to bring war to the VA, so be it,” Wenatchee police said. The man also stated that he would come to the clinic about 4 p.m.

Officers made contact with Taylor who agreed he would not go to the clinic. Taylor told police that  he was upset about a medical issue he felt was not being properly treated.

Later that afternoon, a doctor at the VA Clinic began receiving text messages on her personal phone, reportedly from Taylor.

“This time, the threats were more specific,” Capt. Edgar Reinfeld told iFIBER One. “Taylor provided details about names and addresses for extended family members and friends of the doctor. He also noted that he had skills as a former Special Operations Soldier. Taylor went on to tell the doctor that he saw her as a threat to his safety. He also described the view from her home and explained how he could see it. Finally he sent her a picture of himself holding a picture of her husband and child she recognized from her husband’s Facebook profile.”

The texts reportedly read, “You had your chance. You owe Paul…I fully see you as a threat to my safety. I love how well I can see your house up in these hills.”

The VA Clinic was placed into lockdown, along with a daycare area. Both the Chelan County Regional SWAT Team and the Douglas County Special Response Team were activated as police began searching for Taylor.

Wenatchee police say Taylor was found entering East Wenatchee on the George Sellar Bridge and Taylor was arrested following a high-risk traffic stop.

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