Man arrested for trying to set House of Charity on fire

Spokane Police arrested 31-year-old Kelly Oxley after he threatened to light himself on fire so that he could burn down the House of Charity.

According to court documents, Oxley was banned from the HOC for his behavior on Nov. 28th.

Documents say Oxley returned two days later with a cup of gasoline in his hand. He then told staff he “wanted to set himself on fire and burn down the building.”

According to documents staff were able to convince Oxley to leave the building.

Moments later a resident of HOC saw Oxley setting the side of the building on fire.

Oxley was in court Monday, where he was with Burglary, Arson, and Trespassing.

No one was injured and residents were able to put the fire out quickly before it spread or caused any serious damage.