Man arrested for using missing woman's credit cards

It's been more than three months since a beauty school student seemingly vanished from downtown Spokane. No one has heard from 35-year-old Deanne Hastings since early November.

A man is now in jail after admitting to stealing and then using Deanne Hastings'  credit cards. Randy Riley is facing charges for possession of stolen property and identify theft. He has not been charged with having any involvement in her disappearance.   

"I would consider it a person's worst nightmare," said Mike Tibbets.   

It's been roughly 14 weeks since Tibbets has seen the woman he had plans to marry...

"The last thing I heard come out of her mouth was I love you," he said. "She went to the store that night, and I haven't seen her since." 

And just like that. She was gone. Tibbets said Deanne Hastings has not had contact with her children, fiance, or any loved ones since November 3rd.

"She was just a full of life person."

Mike admits Deanne has fallen off the grid before. He said she's gone missing for days at a time in the past. In fact, back in December, Spokane Police were asking Deanne to come forward to let them know she was alright. But that was two months ago, and still not a word from Deanne. She has no identification, no cell phone, no money and no car.

We asked Tibbets if it's possible Deanne wandered off on her own. His response was "I hope so."

But he admits clinging to that hope is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially after hearing details from Randy Riley. Riley is one of the last people who reported seeing Deanne.

"She was drunk," he said. 

Riley is currently in jail, facing charges he doesn't dispute. He admits he used Deanne's cards without her consent. He said he saw her walking on South Inland Empire Way. Tibbets believes Deanne was attempting to walk home.

Riley said he had never met Deanne before. He said the two spent two to four hours together after meeting on the road.

Details of what the two strangers did during that time were unclear during Hayley Guenthner's interview with Riley. He claimed  Deanne was belligerent. 

"We left her standing on the side of the road," Riley said. 

Riley claims 24 hours after that, he then stumbled across Deanne's coat with her wallet inside. He said the discovery happened as he was running errands. Court documents show he admitted to detectives that he used her cards to rent movies at Red Box and get groceries at Winco. He is adamant that that's where his criminal activity ends.  He said he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

"People don't just disappear," Tibbets said. "Somebody sees something."

Spokane Police said this is currently classified as an active missing persons case. They said if you know where Deanne is, was, or may be now, you are urged to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.