Man blinded by shooting on South Hill counts his blessings

It's been six months since a brutal shooting rampage rocked an apartment complex on Spokane's lower South Hill. When the gunshots ended, the building's owner was dead, the and the manager was clinging to life. The accused killer is a woman named Ann Carpenter, the daughter of one of their tenants. The survivor of the ambush is speaking to KHQ about his recovery.

"I have no memory," Mike Troy said. "The first memory I have was waking up a week later."

And Troy believes that's yet another blessing. He said his mind re-living the evil…the horror…the loss…he experienced that December afternoon, would just be too much.

"(Danette) Kane was the sweetest gal," he said. "She was a loving caring person. That's why she came down those stairs that afternoon, to ask the person to stop this. Instead, she emptied the handgun into her. Danette may have saved my life. That's my only thought, because I didn't get any more bullets after that."

But the two bullets he did get, left him blind.

"One of them entered on the left side of my neck, came out here," he said. "One grazed the side of the skull."

At 64-years-old, Troy is learning to live again. He says each step gets easier than the last.

"It is less scarier than even a month ago," he said.

Troy said his focus now is just counting his blessings that he survived.

"We don't want it to be negative," he said. "The ability to go on and find happiness is from a positive attitude."

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