Man chases down, savagely beats 13-year-old boy for doorbell prank

KHQ.COM - A 13-year-old Arizona boy is recovering from a concussion and a broken bone in his face after being savagely beaten by a 22-year-old 6ft. 4in. man who was apparently upset that a group of teens had played "ding-dong ditch" at his home.

Johnathan Larocque was arrested for assaulting not just one, but two teens. In addition to the teen already mentioned, Larocque also punched another boy in the face.

Authorities say Larocque was at his home in Queen Creek, Arizona Saturday night when he heard someone ring his doorbell.  Larocque noticed a group of teens ringing doorbells and then running away before the door was answered at residence in the area. That's when he chased after the group and attacked.

The father of one of the boys attacked, who did not want to be identified, spoke to AZFamily, about the attack on his son saying the suspect "[punched] him out, apparently drags him to his own driveway or garage and continues to beat him for what kids witnessed a good 30 seconds of hammering our son in the face. He could have killed my son. He's a psycho."

The boy who was only punched, called 911. The boy who was severely beaten was knocked unconscious. After being taken to a hospital, CAT scans showed a major concussion and broken bone in his face.

Larocque was arrested and booked on two charges of aggravated assault.  He was also already on probation for three prior drug-related arrests. His next court appearance is slated for May 14.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the boy's family pay for medical expenses.


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