SPOKANE, Wash - Spokane Police say on Friday night around 10:15 pm they responded to a home in the 1900 block of East Mallon avenue for report of a residential burglary. 

Homeowner Travis McKee told KHQ he opened his door on Friday night to find a stranger,  36-year-old Randall Davis, asking for a cigarette. McKee was fighting for his life just seconds later.

"He got on top of me and just pounded me for 10 minutes. The side of my face... he had me in some kind of hold where my chin was pressed against my neck and I couldn't get any air," McKee said. 

SPD said Davis is a convicted felon with a history of assault. McKee began to lose consciousness in his grip. He credits his dog, Mutt, with giving him the clarity of mind he needed to turn the tables.

"When my dog came up and bit my leg, it woke me up I remembered I had that knife in my pocket," McKee said. "I got my knees under me and started to try to kind of worm my way out of what he had. It was just a last ditch effort. I was going to die."

Davis still had McKee pinned to the floor, but McKee managed to slash at his attacker's arm, stomach and neck until he let go. McKee then decided to take steps to keep Davis from bleeding out.

"I held a knife up to him. I told him I'll cut your throat. I'll cut your head off dude if you even move. You know, period. I'm going to tourniquet you and you'd better not move," McKee said. "He let me do it and I [put a tourniquet on] him and came back and found my phone and called 911."

Once Davis was detained, Officers rendered first aid to him until medics arrived and took over. McKee and Randall were both taken to local hospitals to where they were treated for their injuries.

Randall is a Convicted Felon with a history of assault with a deadly weapon. Once Randall is released from the hospital, he will be booked into jail for Burglary 1st degree and Assault 2nd degree.