Its a reunion nearly 60 years in the making all thanks to this north Idaho town and a journey two friends call the trip of a lifetime.

In 1962, Walt Jordan and Tom Donaldson set out from their home in Texas to see the world's fair in Seattle, but they ran into some bad luck here in north Idaho.

The truck they were in broke down on lookout pass leaving the teens stranded thousands of miles from home with just a few dollars in their pockets.

Little did they know help was just a few miles down the road. It was the town of Wallace.

For a couple of weeks, the folks here fed them, gave them a place to stay and even helped pay for a new truck which ended up costing about 50 bucks.

Eventually, Walt and his friends made it to Seattle, but he never forgot about Wallace.

Now almost 60 years later, for the first time since that fateful trip Walt and Tom are back here in the silver valley to say thank you.

“We stayed one day in Seattle and I never remember anything about Seattle, except the Belgian waffles, that’s all we could afford," Walt said. "But I always think of the people in Wallace, that’s what made the trip.”

Tonight Walt will be a guest speaker at a dinner in his honor as well as the Grand Marshall in a parade this weekend.